• Applied Numerics


    Time: every wednesday 14:30-16:00

    Place: Arnimallee 7, SR 140

    Requirement for course fullfillment (Studienleistung):

    superwised work on one study topic each (1-2 research articles + 1 review), including a small programming task and presentation of the topic (incl. own achievements/results); ca 30-40 min + 10 min discussion.

    Detailed Schedule


    Motivation (slides)

    Lecturer : Vitaly Belik


    Intro & Overview (slides)

    Lecturer: Max von Kleist, Vikram Sunkara


    Networks, Generating Networks and simulation of processes on networks (slides)

    Lecturer: Vitaly Belik


    Advanced methods for stochastic simulation (lecture notes)

    Lecturer: Max von Kleist


    Population and Bayesian parameter inference techniques (slides)

    Lecturer: Vikram Sunkara

    31.05.17, 07.06.17, 14.06.17, 21.06.17, 28.06.17

    project work & preparation


    Networks and epidemics on networks

    Talk I: Generating Networks: Jacob Gora  (slides , codes)

    Talk II: Efficient simulation of epidemiological dynamics on networks: Alexander L├╝tteringhaus (slides , codes)


    Advanced stochastic simulation

    Talk I: Tau-leaping: Balduin Laubisch (slides , codes)

    Talk II: The extrande algorithm: Daniel Seeler (slides , codes)


    Advanced Inference

    Talk I: Population models/population pharmacokinetics: Anika Novikov (slides, codes)

    Talk II: Baysian Inference with the ABC and MCMC algorithm: Lydia Buntrock (slides, codes)

    Study Topics

    Generating Networks

    Jacob Gora

    Description, Literature

    Talk: 05.07.2017

    Efficient simulation of epidemiological dynamics on networks

    Alexander L├╝tteringhaus

    Description, Literature

    Talk: 05.07.2017


    Balduin Laubisch

    Description, Literature

    Talk: 12.07.2017

    Extrande algorithm

    Daniel Seeler

    Description, Literature

    Talk: 12.07.2017

    Population estimation methods

    Anika Novikov

    Description, Data, Literature

    Talk: 19.07.2017

    Baysian estimation with MCMC and ABC

    Lydia Buntrock

    Descrition, Literature

    Talk: 19.07.2017

    Each project will we conducted by one student and presented during the seminar. Supervision/feedback from the project supervisors will be given at three distinct appointments.Supervision of Project Work

    • The first appointment is intended to clarify the tasks related to the study topic. The student is expected to be prepared in the sense that he/she has read the project portfolio or started the programming tasks and may have particular questions.
    • The second appointment is intended to solve particular issues regarding e.g. the programming tasks, if any have arisen, or if the student is stuck. The student presents his/her achievements up to this time point and discusses ways to present the work and obtains feedback.
    • The last appointment in intended to review the results and to abtain feedback from the supervisors regarding the presentation of the topic.

    Useful advises for the preparation of scientific talks

    • Please refer to the following list of useful advises ( in german).