Project titleTypeAmountFunding periodRole
Neuronal interaction dynamics during neural circuit assemblySachbeihilfe~200,000€July ’21-June ’24PI (grant together with R. Hiesinger)
Project Z1 in FOR 5289 “Robust CircuitForschergruppe~410,000€May ’22 – April ’25PI (subproject together with R. Hiesinger and D. Baum)
MATH+ project EF4-9Excellence cluster~50,000€Jan. ’21- Dec ’21Co-PI (together with Dr. M. Weiser, Dr. N. Djurdjevac-Conrad and Dr. S. Wolf)
MATH+ project EF3-2Excellence cluster~135,000€Jan. ’19 – Dec ’20PI (together with M. Weiser, S. Prohaska and R. Hiesinger)
MATHEON project A21DFG research center~120,000€May ’12- May ’14Single-PI project
MATHEON Junior research groupDFG research center~ 195,000€Oct ’11- April ’14Single-PI project