• Kaveh Pouran Yousef



    2013-                Post-doctoral research at “Systems Pharmacology & Disease Control” group, Dep. of Mathematics, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.

    2008-2013      Doctoral research in modelling of biomolecular networks, Biocomputing group,
    Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.

    2007                 Master thesis (6 months) at Warwick University, United Kingdom.

    2005- 2007     Master of Science in bioinformatics, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.

    2002-2004      Bachelor of Science in bioinformatics. Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.

    2001-2002      Undergraduate studies in bioinformatics, Martin-Luther University in Halle, Germany.

    Research Interests

    My research interests focus on the development and application of statistical and modelling methods in Systems Biology and Epidemiology. I’m interested in multistability and noise-induced phenomena in cell signalling and the dynamics of disease spread at population level. The considered model systems include bacteria (Escherichia coli) and viral species (in particular HIV-1).


    1. Inferring HIV-1 transmission dynamics in Germany from recently transmitted viruses. K. Pouran Yousef, K. Meixenberger, M. R. Smith, S. Somogyi, S. Gromöller, D. Schmidt, B. Gunsenheimer-Bartmeyer. O. Hamouda, C. Kücherer and M. von Kleist, submitted, 2015
    2. Logical-continuous modelling of post-translationally regulated bistability of curli fiber expression in Escherichia coli. K. Pouran Yousef, A. Streck, C. Schütte, H. Siebert, R. Hengge, M. von Kleist. BMC Systems Biology 9, 39+ (2015)
    3. Characterization of natural polymorphic sites of the HIV-1 integrase before the introduction of HIV-1 integrase inhibitors in Germany. K. Meixenberger, K. Pouran Yousef, S. Somogyi, S. Fiedler, B. Bartmeyer, M. von Kleist, C. Kücherer. Journal of the International AIDS Society 11/2014; 17(4(Suppl 3)):19746.
    4. Assessment of ambiguous base calls in HIV-1 pol population sequences as a biomarker to indentify recent infections in HIV-1 incidence studies. K. Meixenberger, A. Hauser, K. Jansen, K. Pouran Yousef, S. Fiedler, M. von Kleist, S. Norley, S.Somogyi, O. Hamouda, N. Bannert, B. Bartmeyer, C. Kücherer. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 52, 2977, 2014
    5. Quantitative influenza follow-up testing (QIFT) – a novel biomarker for the monitoring of disease activity at the point-of-care. X. Chen, K. Pouran Yousef, S. Duwe, K. Karsch, S. Grover, S. Wählisch, P. Obermeier, F. Tief, S. Muehlhans, L. Seeber, M. von Kleist, B. Schweiger, B. Rath. Plos One 9, e92500, 2014
    6. In-vitro HIV-1 Evolution in response to triple reverse transcriptase inhibitors & in-silico phenotypic analysis. B. Rath, K. Pouran Yousef, D. K. Katzenstein, R. W. Shafer, C. Schütte, M. von Kleist, T. C. Merigan. PLoS One 8 , e61102, 2013.