• Funding

    • Data and AI-supported early warning system to stabilize the German economy (DAKI-FWS; 12 million euros consortium project between Fraunhofer HHI, Budelmann Elektronik GmbH, Charité, D4L, HPI, JLU Gießen, Logiball GmbH, NET CHECK GmbH, ZIB and RKI)
      Total  for PI: a post-Doc position (3 years); ca. 300.000 €
      funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK)
    • Project Z1 within the DFG-FOR Robust Circuit “From imprecision to robustness in neural circuit assembly”
      Total:  a post-Doc position (4 years); 410.000 €
      funded by DFG (Forschungsgruppe)
    • “Genome based incidence‐ and hidden number estimation for SARS‐CoV‐2 and other respiratory viruses”
      Total:  a PhD position (0.65; 3 years); ca. 150.000 €
      funded by Robert Koch Institute (Sonderforschungsprojekt)
    • “Neuronale Interaktionsdynamik während der Entwicklung eines synaptischen Schaltkreises im Drosophila Gehirn”
      Total:  198.650 €
      jointly with P.R. Hiesinger
      funded by DFG (Sachbeihilfe)
    • “Bioinformatics analysis of whole genome sequences of influenza A and B from 2017-21”
      Total:  77.000 €
      funded by Robert Koch Institute (Sonderforschungsprojekt)
    • “Math+ Project EF4-9: Multilevel methods for agent-based epidemic policy design”
      Total:  ca. 60.000 €
      jointly with M. Weiser, Sarah Wolf and Natasa Djurdjevac Conrad
      funded by DFG
    • “Trans-PrEP: Translational modelling of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis to assess clinical efficacy and resistance development ”
      Total:  1.280.000 €
      funded by BMBF
    • Internationan Training Network (ITN) “VIROINF”
      PIs Project total:  one PhD Position for 3 years, approx. 180.000 €
      funded by the EU
    • “Determination of duration of infection from new HIV diagnoses with NGS”
      Total: 81.000 €
      funded by Robert Koch Institute (Sonderforschungsprojekt)
    • Func-RNA consortium: “Computational methods to decipher function-associated structure in long ncRNAs”
      PIs project total: 290.000 €
      funded by BMBF
    • MATH+ project EF3-2: Model-based 4D reconstruction of subcellular structures
      Total: 150.000 €
      jointly with M. Weiser, PR Hiesiger and S. Prohaska
      funded by DFG
    • ECMATH Project CH20: Stochasticity driving robust pattern formation in brain wiring
      Total: 180.000 €
      jointly with M. Weiser
      funded by Einstein Foundation
    • ‘Integrated analysis of RNA structure and function’ within the DAAD/ANR program on exchange of scientist between Germany and France
      Total: 13.000 € (6000 € for the german PI)
      jointly with R. Smyth/R.Marquet at the IBMC-CNRS Strasbourg (France)
      funded by DAAD (german side) and ANR (french side)
    • Start-up funding for SFB Initiative 1308 THERES; Projects:PoF-Combi
      funded by Excellence Initiative
    • Overload-PrevOp, Project SPP5: Integrative mathematical modelling of physiological- and molecular factors of osteoarthritis of the knee
      Total: 300.000 €
      jointly with C. Schütte
      funded by BMBF
    • e:Bio innovation competition in systems biology: “Meth4SysPharm: Methods for Modeling in Systems Pharmacology and Application to HIV-1”
      Total: 1.300.000 €
      funded by BMBF
    • ECMATH Project CH4: Optimal control of chemical reaction systems and application to drug resistance mitigating therapy
      Total: 180.000 €
      jointly with C. Hartmann and M. Weber
      funded by Einstein Foundation
    • DYNAGE Projects 1.3, 1.4, 2.1, 2.7
      -start-up funding-
      funded by Excellence Initiative
    • MATHEON Project A21: Modeling, Simulation and Therapy Optimization for Infectious Diseases
      Total: 150.000 €
      funded by DFG
    • MATHEON Own Position
      Total: 210.000 €
      funded by DFG
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